Next: Concurrency on January 24th, 1PM

** Update: Meeting is rescheduled to Saturday, January 31st, 1PM, at St. Stephens Church. **

Thanks again, everyone, for a great meeting on the 3rd of January. Our next meeting will take place on Saturday the 24th at 1PM in the same location as last time, St. Stephen’s Church at 1525 Newton St NW. We’ll be discussing concurrency.

Your homework for the meeting is the Concurrency chapter in Programming Clojure. Give yourself plenty of time for this text: unless you are familiar with concurrency already, you will probably find this chapter challenging. Concurrency is what Clojure is all about, though, so press on!

Also, please think about little projects or exercises we could undertake in small groups to try out what we’ve learned. Last time we considered card games and exercises from other Lispy textbooks before tackling the Swing app. These might be good ideas again. What kind of concurrent situations come up in software or in real life?

If you haven’t joined us yet or would like to, feel free! We’re still in our tutorial/mentoring
phase, and the environment is welcoming and helpful to novices. If you’re already experienced with Clojure or similar technologies, we’d love to have you join us too.

See you on the 24th.

One Response to Next: Concurrency on January 24th, 1PM

  1. Hi, delighted that you are using the chapter from Programming Clojure. Note that there is nothing in the chapter about atoms yet! I will try to post another beta with atoms included before your meeting date.

    Also, if you have issues or suggestions as you work through the chapter, please report them at


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