Clojure training in Reston, with Rich and Stu, next year

October 7, 2009

Thanks to Paul for pointing this out: the Pragmatic Programmers training series is offering a 3-day training course in Reston, VA next year (date TBD). Clojure’s creator Rich Hickey and Stuart Halloway will be instructing. More information is at the Pragmatic Programmers site.

It looks like the course will assume you know something about Lisp or Java and functional programming, and possibly concurrency, but nothing about Clojure. It’s going to go well beyond basics, though, and it’s a chance to ask Rick Hickey questions directly.

It’s going to be expensive, with the alumni/group discount rate still a hefty $1195. The early bird price is $1495. I’ve been to the Advanced Ruby course of the same dimensions and cost, and it was worth it. If you all want to join up, 3 or more of us can get the group rate and save a few hundred dollars each.


Clojure Roundup: Post-Thanksgiving vacation edition

December 1, 2008

I will try to post Clojure roundups as often as I can… best laid plans of mice and men and all that.

Over at Lambda the Ultimate there is a brief discussion about the recent inclusion of trampolining for mutual recursion added to recent Clojure builds.

Rich Hickey’s presentation at the 2008 JVM Languages Sumit is a must watch.

Bill Clementson gives a nice overview of getting on-demand Java documentation rolled into EMACS Slime mode for Clojure.  More recently, Mr. Clementson posed that Clojure is the language for concurrency-oriented programming.

Our own Craig Andera does some insanity with C# and Clojure.

Clojure recently incorporated a new regex syntax.

That’s all for now.  Add anything that I missed to the comments section.